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Giving Control Back To Schools & Teachers

Our platform connects supply teachers & schools directly, cutting out the agency middleman.  Join us in making education fairer. 

Schools –Book teachers instantly

Easy – track absences with our software, then find supply teachers within minutes – even on the go

Save money – No agency finder-fees involved. Upfront prices at a fraction of agency costs

Transparent – book your favourites, and see the feedback on other local teachers for guaranteed quality

Teachers – more jobs, at better pay

More Choice – London supply teacher jobs, texted to you. Accept the ones you like; there's no pressure to take jobs

Higher Pay – You're paid directly by schools. So you get paid at a fair rate

Straightforward – jobs sent based on public transport commutes for busy Londoners 

To charge schools less and pay teachers more 

To prioritise improving education ahead of profits

To pursue quality teachers and schools – over quantity

Our Promise To You

Wall of love

"Really excited by what TeacherWise are doing – this is long overdue in London!"  Mark, Supply teacher 

"Your staff management tool  has saved me so much time. I'll be the first to use your supply teacher app"  Anne, Administrator